An overview of the variations in handmade jewelry

Among all the varieties of handmade jewelry, the following three are the widely preferred types.
Engraved jewelry
turquoise bracelet will give you a type of jewel made by an artist by stamping some metal plates or pieces with a stamp that contains the design either asked by the customer or of his own. He will hammer the stamp on the metal piece to get the design on the jewelry. You can find this type of jeweler in most areas due to its high popularity. The artist would have several tools and techniques for the process. Depending on the work involved and the type of metals used, the pricing of the jewelry would vary. You can find these customized handmade jewels on several online jewel shops.
Beaded jewelry
It is the simplest form of jewel making and even you can make one beaded jewel if you spend a few minutes working on it. The artist would make the jewel by connecting beads of various sizes together using a string made of metal or leather. You can find necklaces and bracelets made of beads. Sometimes, you will get an option of engraving your name or some wordings on these beads also for personalization. However, some designs of the beaded jewels could be intricate if you wish. Depending on the complexity and size, the pricing of this jewel would vary.
Fabricated jewels
As the name suggests, these jewels are fabricated by the artist. The process would include the joining of two or more pieces of metal together or cutting out a specific portion from a metallic piece to form the shape of the jewel. It will be a tiring process and would require more time.

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