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Some of you love to discover the old streets when visiting a new place. You can also do it when you are visiting Hanoi. In fact, Hanoi has many places to visit. The key is that you should know the exact location to find those address. Instead of exploring the city by yourself, it is better to do it in a team. Moreover, you will be guided by a local so you can make sure that the stories you are heard are completely familiar with you.

The way to enjoy food in Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, and it was a wonderful introduction to Vietnam. Here, you can spend hours wandering the narrow streets and soak up the local atmosphere. The streets are lively and always crowded. Locals sell their wares along the pavements. And most interesting, you can follow the eveningfoodtours.com. Food tour is something that you should try while exploring Hanoi. eveningfoodtours.com is a must try tour so that you can eat any tasty food there. With food stalls countless, wonderful variety of dishes and flavors, Hanoi is listed as one of the top ten cities street food of Asia by CNN.