Hanoi Free Half Day Tour


Hanoi free half day tour with Emil Czorniej and his friends was a great trip for us. We had fun time and explored the ancient city together.

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Picking up

This afternoon, I came to Central Backpackers Hostel to pick my guests. They were 4 boys coming from Poland and one girl from German. They met each other in their hotel.

During the tour

At first, I introduced the old gate because it was nearest to their hotel. Then, we moved to the ancient house on Ma May Street. However, when I said that we had to buy tickets to go inside, they said that we could skip it. Therefore, we visited some main parts in the Old Quarter and French Quarter such as Ta Hien Str, Hang Buom Str instead.

Later on, Bach Ma Temple, The house no.48, the Sword Lake, Ly Thai To Park, Opera house were our next destinations regularly. When we arrived at the Opera House, one of us wanted to buy some cooking books. Therefore, I took him to some book stores nearby, meanwhile the other had ice-cream on Trang Tien Street.

hanoi free half day tour
Bach Ma Temple

Then we came to the Saint Joseph Cathedral, Ly Quoc Su Str, Hang Manh Str and Hang Ma Str to go back their hotel.

half day free tour
Saint Joseph Cathedral

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Actually, I wanted to lead them to Long Bien bridge more where was also near their hotel but we didn’t have enough time. At the end, I gave them some recommendation, took photos and said goodbye at the old gate.

half day free tour
Emil Czorniej and his friends

It was the first time I had a tour with 5 guests. It was a little bit pity because I couldn’t talk with all of them as much as usual. But anyway, I was super happy because 4 boys were super humorous, handsome and a girl was so beautiful. All of them looked much more beautiful than in this pic.

That’s all about my tour. Many thanks.