Hanoi Old Quarter Walking Tour


Hanoi’s Old Quarter half day tour with Willa Ortiz and little Ortiz was a great experience that i couldn’t forget in my life. We had fun time and explored the ancient city together.

Hanoi Free Half Day Tour

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Guests: 2 Willa Ortiz and Willa Ortiz Sr from Phillipine.

Picking up

When I went to hotel on time and saw someone sitting on the sofa, i realized that they had just arrived on Hanoi. Therefore, I suggested them about some places where we could go, they accepted and seemed satisfy with my schedule. Then, we started our tour.

During the tour

We started to walk from Hang Bong then went through Hang Dao to Hang Ngang street. Here, we stopped at the house no.48 where Ho Chi Minh president wrote Declaration of Independence. I told them about the house’s owner in the past, Ho Chi Minh, Giap General and as well where Ho Chi Minh and his fellows worked, typed Declaration and something else.

old quarter
We took photo together

After that, the group visited to Bạch Mã temple. When I talked about its legend, explained meaning of something there, they preferred taking photos and funny stories to hearing history. Therefore, I changed my initial plan. I told them that we would save the time and go to many beautiful and interesting places to have sightseeing and take photos. I saw happiness showing on their faces, they also agreed, so I led them to Ma May ancient house. Then was Hoàn Kiếm lake. After walking quite long so, we sat down.

They asked me my facebook account and wanted to keep in touch with me. I was very happy and of course i sent them friend requests. After that, we went around French Quater that was reason why the tour lasted up to 5 hours. After all, we had dinner together.

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We came back their hotel, had friendly hugs here and said good bye to each others. Once again, an unforgetable memory came into my life. Actually, at first, I had been really palpitated because this was first time I came with tourists by myself. But everything turned out fine with nice guests, I was keen on this tour.

old quarter
Thank Willa Ortiz and Willa Ortiz Sr for enjoying the tour with me

Thus, I extended the tour for 5 hours. The most important thing that I learned was to overcome the scare and I did it.

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