War Site Tour On Christmas Day


Vietnam is a small country in South East Asia. But our country becomes well-known for fighting against 2 biggest emperor countries: USA and France. Let’s walk with Hanoi Free Walking Tour to discover the historical truth by gone.

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Picking up

You guys should notice that the pedestrian zone might make a perfect tourist attraction but parking our motorbike is a challenge. Long time no come with motor and and surprising ending.

Fortunately, I arrived in time and it was easier to find my guests. There were two couples coming from three different ethics.

During the tour

Firstly, we went to Hoa Lo prison. Here, they were absolutely interested in listening and asking all about historical stories. They had read lots of books about Vietnam so I just helped them to arrange every single events fluently. The lady, who had curly and cute hair, was French. She said her father used to be a soldier so she heard many historical stories but had never known how French guards tortured Vietnam political prisoners. Two men were brothers and they also knew a lot history. During the tour in the prison, sadly the only Asian woman felt quite tired.

war site
Our guests standing at The memorial in Hoa Lo Prison

Then we planed to go to Vietnam National Museum of History but it was too late for us to visit. therefore, we went to visit the Old Quarter streets and explored the hidden fantastic cafeteria instead.

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Because it was raining pretty heavy and got dark so fast, I said goodbye to them from the coffee shop. They decided to go to the Saint Joseph Cathedral by themselves for celebrating Christmas Eve.

war site
The French Lady and me

P.S: The French lady reminded me of my teacher at school. After last day I realised that French was so funny and open minded. Enjoy your time in Vietnam and have a nice day, my patient reader for my first report after long time I disappear because of examinations. I’m back now.