Zhanna And Micheal On A Hanoi City Tour


Let’s walk with Hanoi Free Walking Tours to explore the Hanoi in particular and Vietnam customs in general whithin a city tour.

Guests: Michael and Zhanna

> The Sudden Old Quarter Calling

> Hanoi In One Day

Picking up

On that day, I went to the hotel early to pick my guests up. Pullman is a five star hotel. That was the first time I’ve come to a luxurious hotel like that. I was blown away. My guests were a couple from USA. They were so nice and friendly. After greeting and discussing about the schedule, we started the tour immediately.

During the tour

The first place was Temple of Literature. They didn’t know much about Vietnamese feudalism so I told them about it and the education system. Then they were surprised especially when I introduced about teacher Chu Van An.

Next, we went to Ho Chi Minh Complex. They had booked another war site tour on 1st January so I recommended to leave this part for that. Therefore, we just stood in front of Ba Dinh Square and took some photos here.

Then, we moved to Old Quarter to visit Water Tower, Long Bien Bridge and Dong Xuan market. Here we spent a lot of time on going around and bargaining in the market. My guests wanted to buy souvenirs for theirs friends so I tried to bargain as much as I could. After taking a half of goods, we came to Hang Ma Street to feel the atmosphere of Tet. The street was all red.

city tour
We stood on Rising Sun Bridge

Up to the lunch time, Zhanna, was veteran while her husband, Michael was not wanted to have lunch in a restaurant. When we were passing Hang Bong, she picked Gecko cafe. I just couldn’t express how I loved the way they called me and took care of me.

After the meal, I took them to the House no.48 Hang Ngang. They asked me many questions about Ho Chi Minh and Vietnamese society at that time. They were also interested in the American war. Later on, we kept walking to Bach Ma Temple, Ta Hien Street, Hoan Kiem Lake and took a short rest in an ice-cream shop.

city tour
Micheal is choosing the suit

The last destination was Hanoi Opera House. On the way to the theater, we dropped by an Italian style suit shop for buy Michael a suit. Zhanna explained that a suit could cost a thousand dollars in US so she wanted to buy there. We tried to choose the best fabric, model and tie. They ordered one and would come back on 31st December to get.

city tour
The tailor is taking the size number

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Finally, we took a taxi back to the hotel and said good bye. For me, after a happy tour is a long time for regretting. It hurts.
I hope the guide, who guide them the war site tour, will give them much interesting information about Vietnamese war because they really love it.
Thank you guys for reading. Good night!