Digital date-and/or-time stamping: The evidentiary and practical significance WIPO PROOF

In sport, the winner is the one who has crossed the finish line first. The same principle applies to IP, which is essentially predicated upon the principle of “first time, first right.” Many creative people and innovators have struggled to show that they were the first person to cross that crucial finishing line. WIPO PROOF, a brand new digital tool created by the World Intellectual Property Organization is designed to address this gap in evidence. It allows creators the ability to prove that their work existed at a given date and/or time.
Many innovators and creators claim IP rights but struggle to show that they were first to invent a work or create it. WIPO PROOF allows them prove their work existed at certain dates and times. (Photo: WIPO
Why is the date of Creation important?
Protecting IP is becoming an increasingly important tool for creative spirit such as inventors, scientists, designers and entrepreneurs. You have the right to defend your IP against copying or misuse. Big Tech companies and international brands understand the importance of being first to the post in order to protect their most precious assets.
WIPO PROOF uses digital dates-and-time stamping technology. This allows creators of files to obtain a unique fingerprint that records their critical date of existence.
For all forms of IP, it is crucial to show that you are “first-in-time” in order to enforce your rights. But, this is often forgotten. The case of copyright is an example of where this evidence is most important. This form of IP by its nature is not formal: as an author of an original artistic or literary work, for example, you are automatically the owner of the copyright.
However, many creators are unaware of the importance documenting the important date of creation of their works. This could cause them to have to rescind their IP rights.
How do I prove that I am “first in Time”?
WIPO PROOF provides a solution to the time-stamping concerns of creators in a digitally advancing landscape.
Creators can use digital date and time stamping technology to get a unique “fingerprint,” which records the crucial date of their file. Digital date-and-time stamping has become increasingly popular in recent years. A number of private companies have set up their own IP registries for copyright and other IP purposes. This allows IP owners to stamp their work digitally. But, like their traditional counterparts, digital stamps get their persuasive weight from the fact that they are independent verifications by trusted and often official third parties.
To enforce your IP rights, you must first prove you are “first-in-time”. Many creators are unaware of the importance documenting the date of their work’s creation. (Photo: monsitj/Getty Images).
WIPO has a new innovation that will allow it to play a critical role as an independent trusted third party. WIPO PROOF, an internet service, was introduced in May 2020. This allows creators as well as companies to create a date and time stamp for a file. The token is known simply WIPO PROOF. WIPO issues these certificates. It also gives them an imprimatur. This imprimatur increases the persuasiveness in legal cases and courts. WIPO acts as an impartial intergovernmental body and a major authority in IP filings. WIPOPROOF can be used by creative people and innovative companies to prove their existence date.
WIPO PROOF has many other important features that ensure its reliability and accessibility. It costs a small fee to use the service. WIPO PROOF has a very reasonable fee structure that allows individuals and startup businesses to use this vital digital tool. This, in turn, helps to democratise IP.
WIPO PROOF is also available in 10 languages (Arabic Chinese, English French, German, Japanese Korean, Portuguese and Russian), so customers can source documentation in the language they prefer. The service was also certified to be compliant with all relevant security, policy and technical standards. This gives IP owners additional assurance that the confidential information they have stored with WIPO PROOF has been secured and protected in compliance with international standards.
WIPO PROOF may be used to verify the creation of a new file at a given time. However the timestamp only has a formalistic function and not a substantive registration effect. WIPO ProOF tokens are not intended to prove or confer IP rights. However, these rights can be obtained separately through registration procedures. Although having an official document that attests the date and time of existence can be a quick and inexpensive first step towards official confirmation and proof that an originator is “first in time”, it’s an effective, efficient and cost-efficient way to do so.
Early data indicates that there is high demand for digital stamping of date and times. WIPO Proof was already being used by customers 117 from. The best practice for IP holders around the globe may be digital date-stamping.
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