Hanoi In One Day

Hanoi in one day
Hanoi in one day

2 little friends come from HongKong to experience Hanoi in one day! Let’s see how we discover this ancient capital! Enjoy with us Hanoi Free Walking Tours!

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Picking up

I got an email from Ms. Diem Anh that I would have a full day tour with big bro Tung. Actually, he is the trainer of the group and would check my skills so i was a little bit nervous.

Hanoi in one day
Hilton Opera’s lobby

The next day, I came Hilton Opera 15 minutes early to check the information before the tour with my guests. Later on, bro Tung came and we had a short discussion to check our schedule again. At 9 a.m, our guests came down the lobby. Therefore, we could not miss to start the tour anymore.

During the tour

We took a cab to our first destination – Ho Chi Minh complex. On the way to came the complex, we had a chance to know more about each other. Tsang was a banker and his friend was the last year student in the university. They were just 1 and 2 years older than me so young and very friendly. And something about my partner – my boss, he knew a lot of things that I had never heard before about another countries and bussiness in the world. He had the wide knowledge and was very very good at English. Perhaps i was failed when i had a tour with him but i really admired him for his skills and learned much from his experience. 

Hanoi in one day
A view to Hoan Kiem Lake

We gave them some main information about the mausoleum before having a quick look at the whole complex. Our next destination was the Temple of Literature. However, after we bought tickets, Tsang was suddenly busy for his job. He needed to sit somewhere to check so he sat at the gate of the Temple of Literature. Therefore, only his friend discovered this complex with us. After that, we came back to had a big lunch at no.7 Dinh Tien Hoang. Then we tried ice-cream for dessert. Having taken a little break, they decided to watch Water Puppet show and invited us to go with them.

Hanoi in one day
Our big lunch

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Unfortunately, I had a date so i had to say goodbye to my guests, meanwhile bro Tung would come to the theater with them. 

Hanoi in one day
Bro Tung, Me, Tsang and his friend

 Thank you for enjoying our tour with us!