Hanoi Museum Tour (Half Day)


Although the tour was Museum Tour, it turned into the normal half day tour because of museum’s schedule. But don’t worry, let’s walk with Hanoi Free Walking Tours to figure out the life and contribution of our Great Father Ho Chi Minh!

Hanoi Free Half Day Tour

Walking tour to hit Hanoi highlights

Guest: Brad Parry and his daughters from Australia.

Picking up

I was very surprise when I received tour information from Ms Diem Anh. That was my first museum tour ever. When I went to my guests’ hotel at 24 Hang Hanh Street, Van had already been there. We had discussed a little about the plan. Van told me that most of the museum were closed on Friday so we would take tourists to Ho Chi Minh complex and Temple of Literature. We were also had a little chat with a funny tourist from Holland. After that, we met our guests and the journey started immediately.

During the tour

Firstly, we took Mr Brad and his daughters, Mercy and Joey to Ho Chi Minh complex. During the journey, they were very exited when Van and I shown them the life style of the local people. That was really fun because I also asked them very much about the life in Australia such as the weather, the beach, sports and of course kangaroo.

We arrived at 10 a.m and most of the time was Van’s show time. Her English and knowledge was very well. She was also a good partner so I was really glad to work with her. Van always made them surprise especially when she introduced the One Pillar Pagoda. When we finished in Ho Chi Minh complex, I felt comfortable because we didn’t make them get bored.

We were standing in front of Ho Chi Minh Statue in the Museum

Then, we visited the Temple of literature and that was better for me because I have more knowledge about this place.

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The tour finished at 12 a.m after we took them back to the hotel. We said goodbye to them and also received a lovely gift from Brad. It was a Koala bear!

Not a kangaroo but a lovely Koala