What is problem gambling?

Anyone can experience gambling problems. Gambling grows from fun to harmless diversion to an unhealthy obsession with serious consequences. Gambling problems can lead to financial disaster, interfere with work and strain your relationships. Problem gambling can even lead you to doing things that you never imagined yourself doing such as stealing money to enable you to gamble and running up huge debts. Gambling is very addictive and one you are addicted to it, you cannot control the impulse to gamble. You will not mind whether there are negative effects for you and those that you love. You will gamble whether you have money or not. You will even stop supporting your family just to satisfy your need to gamble. You will always gamble even if you are fully aware of the fact that the odds are against you or you cannot afford to lose. Problem gambling can be described as any gambling behavior that ends up disrupting your life. You will know you have a gambling problem if you gamble despite serious consequences in your life, if you spend more and more money and time on it, if you are chasing loses and if you are preoccupied https://www.perfectxml.com with gambling.
Myths and facts about problem gambling and Judi slot online
There are many myths and facts that surround gambling problems. For instance, one myth is that you have to gamble on a daily basis for you to be a problem gambler. The truth is that a problem gambler might gamble infrequently or frequently. Gambling is a problem if causes problems. There are people who think that gambling is not a problem if it can be afforded by the gambler. This is wrong because excessive gambling does not cause financial problems only. When one spends a lot of time gambling, it can cause legal and relationship problems, loss of their job and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Another myth about problem gambling is that having a gambling problem is just a case of being unintelligent, irresponsible, and weak willed. As a matter of fact people from all backgrounds and intelligence levels can be affected by gambling problems.
Signs and symptoms of problem gambling
Being addicted to gambling is something that you might not even notice as a gambler because there are no obvious physical symptoms or signs like in alcohol or drug addiction. Most problem gamblers will deny being addicted to gambling even to themselves. Some of the signs that can help to identify if you are addicted to gambling are feeling the need to keep your gambling a secret. You end up lying about how much you gamble. Having trouble controlling your gambling. Gambling even when you do not have money to gamble with and having family and friends worried about your gambling behavior.
Self-help for problem gambling
You cannot solve your gambling problem if you don’t want to solve it. The first step toward helping yourself is accepting that you have a gambling problem and you want to solve it. You can help yourself by learning to relieve unpleasant feelings in healthier ways, strengthening your support network, joining a peer support group and seeking help for underlying mood disorders.

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